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Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

jhana porter is the founder and CEO of Frakktal a materials company developing plant-based polymer processes for the replacement of fossil fuel-based feedstocks, beginning with PVC. jhana shares her inspiration for starting her business, where to find the best yoga in the city, the resources she was able to find in Houston to build up her business, and recalls times she had to go to other cities to get the resources she needed to grow Frakktal.

jhana explores:
  • How yoga inspired her founder’s journey – 0:55
  • Why good materials engineering and selections matter – 4:36
  • Why PVC is everywhere in the built environment and where you can find it – 8:06
  • How jhana pulls research resources from all across the country to bring its technology to market – 12:20
  • How Frakktal’s novel material is used in a variety of flooring use cases – 16:03
  • The Frakktal secret sauce – 20:40
  • How to get non-dilutive funding in Houston with the Smart Resilient Cities Accelerator – 24:20
  • Where the best Hot Yoga in Houston can be found – 29:25
  • The different ecosystem resources entrepreneurs can find in Houston such as impactHub and the ION – 33:55
  • The positive climate and health impact of novel materials – 37:35
  • Where jhana would continue to seek the whitespace in novel materials development in the future – 42:10
  • How new materials get piloted in the world – 45:27
Learn more by visiting their website: frakktal.com

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