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Jim Blackburn is an environmental lawyer and CEO of BCarbon, a nonprofit Carbon registry. BCarbon is a non-profit (501(c)3) carbon credit registry, created out of the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University, that issues soil, forest, and blue carbon credits. Our focus is on measurement-based protocols that provide a nature-based pathway to net-zero goals and realize numerous ecological and social co-benefits.
Jim Covers:
  • Measurement-based protocol for nature-based carbon sequestration pathways to meet our carbon goals – 1:50
  • How building a stakeholder community can be used to build a market for carbon credits – 7:17
  • How the discussion of carbon and climate co-exists evolved in January of 2020 here in Houston – 11:30
  • Why does carbon sequestration rely on a strong and reliable legal and court system which can best be found in the United States – 17:03
  • Why BCarbon was born out of the severe storm center at Rice University – 20:45
  • How BCarbon is developing the carbon market in Texas and how economics makes a real difference for landowners thinking about sequestering carbon – 22:15
  • How living shoreline projects can be engineered to preserve marshes, reduce erosion, and lock in carbon and be funded via carbon markets – 27:38
  • How the switch flipped in the conversation around carbon and climate in Houston – 37:05
  • What Houstonians (and innovators) should dig into to become more literate in carbon – 43:05
  • That there is a reinsurance market for the underlying assets and the carbon credits themselves – 49:45
  • How carbon markets are built on an active community of buyers and stakeholders – 53:00
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Website: bcarbon.org

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