Laughing All the Way to the Bank: Jon Selig’s Journey from Sales to Stand-Up

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In this episode of “What the Funk,” we engage in a lively and humorous conversation with Jon Selig, a former enterprise technology sales professional turned comedian, who shares his unique approach to integrating the art of comedy into the sales process.

This episode dives into:

  • Jon Selig’s Background: Exploring Jon’s journey from a technology sales professional to using stand-up comedy as a tool for sales enablement and memorable messaging.
  • The Intersection of Sales and Comedy: Discussing the parallels between sales and stand-up comedy, including audience engagement, trust-building, and emotional connection.
  • Humor as a Sales Strategy: How Jon uses humor to create more engaging and effective sales pitches, and the impact of humor on customer engagement and sales success.
  • Crafting Jokes for Sales: The process of creating humor that resonates with a sales audience, and how it can be adapted across various sales channels and touchpoints.
  • Challenges and Rewards of Stand-Up Comedy: Jon’s experiences in the comedy scene, the challenges of getting the right stage opportunities, and how comedy influences his presentations and public speaking.
  • The Role of Humor in Business Communication: Insights into how humor can be used to enhance business communications, break the ice in sales situations, and make complex or technical topics more relatable and engaging.
  • Jon’s Current Focus and Projects: An overview of Jon’s current work, including his product offering ‘Humor as a Service’ within his company, Comedy Writing for Revenue Teams.

This episode offers a fresh perspective on sales and marketing, highlighting the power of humor in creating memorable and effective business interactions.

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