Lignium Energy on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

In this episode, we sit down with Agustin Rios, COO of Lignium Energy, to discuss how his startup is transforming cow manure into clean, renewable energy. Lignuim is commercializing a unique process to convert manure from cattle farms into standardized biomass pellets. This helps manage this waste stream while providing a carbon-neutral fuel source. We cover Agustin’s journey moving from Chile to launch Lignium’s US operations, the technology behind their innovative approach, business models for monetization, and the environmental benefits of effective manure management. Agustin also shares his plans for an upcoming 7-month world travel trip to connect with startup ecosystems globally.

Key topics:
  • How Lignium’s technology cleans and processes manure into biomass pellets
  • Agustin’s experience moving from Chile and launching Lignium’s US operations
  • Implementing a mobile pilot system and scaling up to a pre-production plant
  • Examining potential business models and markets like coal power plants
  • The environmental benefits of reducing greenhouse gases from manure
  • Lignium’s fundraising journey and growth milestones
  • Agustin’s upcoming 7-month world travel trip to connect with global startup ecosystems

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