Maxie Reynolds: Unveiling the Depths of Subsea Cloud and the Future of Sustainable Tech

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In this episode of “What The Funk,” we engage in a fascinating conversation with Maxie Reynolds, exploring her journey from Scotland to California, her experiences in various industries, and her innovative venture, Subsea Cloud.

This episode dives into:

  1. Maxie Reynolds’ Background: A deep dive into who Maxie Reynolds is, her Scottish roots, and her belief in the role of luck and skill in shaping her life.
  2. Perception vs. Reality: Discussion on how people perceive themselves versus how others perceive them, and the impact of this on personal and professional life.
  3. Journey from Scotland to California: Maxie shares her adventurous journey from Scotland to various countries and eventually settling in California, highlighting her experiences in different industries.
  4. Career in Offshore and Cybersecurity: Insights into Maxie’s career, starting from working offshore in the oil and gas industry to transitioning into cybersecurity and red teaming.
  5. The Genesis of Subsea Cloud: The story behind the inception of Subsea Cloud, combining Maxie’s expertise in cybersecurity and subsea engineering to create an innovative data storage solution.
  6. Challenges and Solutions in Data Storage: Discussion on the unique challenges of storing data underwater and the innovative solutions developed by Subsea Cloud.
  7. Environmental Impact and Sustainability: Maxie’s perspective on sustainability in the tech industry, the role of carbon credits, and the realistic approach needed for environmental conservation.
  8. The Future of Energy and Technology: A look into how the energy sector is evolving and the role of technology in shaping future sustainability practices.
  9. The Reality of Renewable Energy and Carbon Capture: Critical analysis of the current state of renewable energy, the challenges of carbon capture, and the media’s portrayal of these technologies.
  10. Dependence on Oil and Gas: An exploration of society’s increasing dependence on oil and gas and the implications for future energy strategies.

This episode not only provides an in-depth look at Maxie Reynolds’ personal and professional journey but also offers valuable insights into the intersections of technology, energy, and environmental sustainability.

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