Microseismic 101: Turning Science into a Business

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In this episode of Energy 101, we dive deep into the world of microseismic technology with Dr. Peter Duncan, a geophysicist and the founder of MicroSeismic. From his early days in geology to the cutting-edge applications of microseismic in today’s energy landscape, Peter shares a wealth of knowledge and personal anecdotes.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Peter’s Journey: Discover how a summer job in Newfoundland set Peter on a path to becoming a renowned geophysicist and the challenges and transitions he faced along the way.
  2. MicroSeismic’s Birth: Learn about the inception of MicroSeismic, its growth during the Shale era, and how it’s revolutionizing the energy sector.
  3. MicroSeismic vs. Conventional Seismic: Understand the fundamental differences between these two methods and how they complement each other in the field.
  4. Applications and Innovations: From detecting potential sinkholes to monitoring CO2 sequestration and exploring enhanced geothermal systems, delve into the myriad applications of microseismic technology.
  5. A Love for Earth and Nature: Peter emphasizes that the energy industry is driven by more than just profit. Many, like him, are motivated by a deep appreciation for the earth and a desire to understand it better.

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