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Had a great conversation with our West Coast California energy enthusiast oilman Mike Umbro (FieldView Capital) yesterday for another Energy Crüe Podcast.

He flew in to attend a Crüe Club event, be a guest on the Energy Crüe Podcast, and of course head to the FUZE event to speak on a panel. But was fortunate to have a chat with him about his next big project: and he needs all of our help! 

We discussed his goal of bringing together various industry professionals in California to put together a broad study and teaming with universities on energy realities and how they impact the local economy, people, and environment. As he’s been battling politics and the narrative, all he wants is to produce domestic oil safely, and responsibly. However with the current rhetoric and policies, it is extremely difficult, and he sees it as a challenge we all will soon face unless we begin to get our ducks in a row as an industry. 

Really appreciate what he’s doing in California and spreading some words on energy facts and the impacts of poor energy policies. Keep up the fight Mike, and thanks for your time! You can reach out to Mike to see what you can do to help support the collective and study he plans to launch soon! 

With his title either Energy Enthusiast or Energy Entrepreneur, whatever y’all like the best!

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