Moji Karimi on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

Moji Karimi is a self proclaimed carbon negative entrepreneur and old school millennial. As CEO and co-founder of Cemvita, he is bringing nature inspired technology solutions to address climate change.  Moji talks us through the opportunities Houston has to offer; both in launching his career in oil and gas as well as the various startups he was able to start.
A modern wildcatter, he explores:
  • How O&G perceives risk – 3:45
  • Why now is the time to be excited about synthetic biology – 5:30
  • How synthetic biology can address hard to abate markets like aviation fuel – 10:30
  • New exciting work Cemvita is doing with gold hydrogen – 15:50
  • Why Houston talent is the bet for launching a climate tech startup – 37:45
  • How we should turbocharge the Houston innovation ecosystem – 42:45
  • Why the Energy Transition may never be completed – 50:05
  • Lastly words of wisdom to live by – 1:01:15
We utilize C02 to create carbon-negative solutions for a sustainable future on Earth and Mars.

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