Natalie Campos Goodman on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

Meet Natalie Campos Goodman, founder, and CEO of IncentiFind. IncentiFind is the go-to database of green building incentives, housing over 500,000 ways to save by building green and transforming U.S. real estate with $70 billion in incentives.

Natalie Discusses:

  • The lay of the land where incentives can be found for building incentives – 2:30
  • How customers can procure incentives once they are identified and selected – 7:35
  • How the additional $400B in capital from the IRA will flow through incentive programs – 12:30
  • Why cities are interested in understanding how incentives get deployed – 17:48
  • How incentive use data provides unique insight into the trends in the macroeconomy – 21:32
  • Why we know awareness is the biggest barrier to incentive use – 27:12
  • How Houston is evolving to facilitate more PropTech innovation – 33:00
  • The gaps we see in the Houston ecosystem for female founders – 35:01
  • The barriers Natalie faced when recruiting investors to her business – 36:10

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