Redefining Paths: Courtney Stephens’ Journey from Mathematician to Oil & Gas Maverick

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In this insightful episode of “What the Funk,” we celebrate the host’s birthday with an engaging conversation featuring Courtney Stephens, the CEO and founder of QED and Associates.

This episode dives into:

  1. **Courtney Stephens’ Background**: Exploring Courtney’s journey from an East Texas girl to a mathematician, mother, and CEO. Her academic path, including a stint at Oxford University, and her transition from theoretical mathematics to the oil and gas industry. 
  2. **Professional Growth and Challenges**: Courtney discusses her early career challenges in adapting to a professional environment, learning from her experiences at Netherlands Sewell & Associates, and her evolution into a more team-oriented and adaptable professional. 
  3. **Transition to Entrepreneurship**: The story behind Courtney’s decision to start QED at the age of 30, driven by a desire for a more balanced life and her realization that she could make a significant impact by training others in reservoir engineering. 
  4. **QED’s Mission and Impact**: Insight into QED’s unique approach to training and employing individuals from diverse backgrounds, focusing on those who are directionless or from non-technical fields, and transforming them into successful reservoir engineering technicians. 
  5. **Recruitment Philosophy and Success Stories**: Courtney shares anecdotes about finding potential in unexpected places, like grocery stores, and the success stories of individuals who found their calling through QED’s program. 
  6. **Training Process and Placement**: An overview of QED’s rigorous training program, including tests and final presentations, and the process of placing trained individuals in various roles within the oil and gas industry. 
  7. **Future Aspirations and Advice for Young Professionals**: Courtney’s vision for the future of QED and her advice for young professionals on the importance of adaptability, professionalism, and finding one’s path in the industry.

This episode offers a unique perspective on career development, entrepreneurship, and the power of mentorship in the oil and gas industry, as shared by Courtney Stephens.

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