Tom Weirich on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

Tom Weirich, author of “We Took the Risk” talks about his new book; Tom is a key facilitator that has connected pivotal players in the global renewable energy industry for over 18 years, working with teams that have closed 300+ renewable energy transactions across a variety of technologies. Throughout his renewables journey, the stories of how colleagues got their start in renewables have continuously inspired and empowered him in his daily work.

Hear Tom discuss:
  • Why he wrote “We Took the Risk” — 1:00
  • Who the book is for — 4:30
  • Where to find more resources on how to get into climate tech (hint it’s in the back of the book) — 8:00
  • How he sees policy encouraging success in climate tech (and smooths out the rollercoaster) — 12:00
  • How failures and layoffs can allow you to redefine your future — 16:50
  • What it means to come to Houston to work on the energy transition — 21:15
  • How Equity, Diversity, inclusion, and Justice (EDI&J) in climate tech is reflected in creating access to cost-effective and clean energy — 28:14
  • Why he is now bullish on Hydrogen technology as a key energy transition technology — 34:22
  • How the energy transition innovation community has evolved as investment has grown — 39:54
  • How to jump-start a career in the energy transition — 43:10
  • Where to find the book — 45:50
As an award-winning marketing leader in the energy sector, Tom is a frequent industry panel moderator, speaker, and OpEd contributor, focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship, and market opportunities surrounding the U.S.’ clean energy transition. Weirich’s passion for renewables extends beyond the confines of his day job, with countless hours spent promoting philanthropic efforts focused on technology innovation, career mentoring, workforce development, and STEM education. He currently works as the head of marketing for North America at EDP Renewables.

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