Trevor Best on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

Trevor Best is a serial entrepreneur who is building the next big thing in chemical refining. His company, Syzygy Plasmonics is building a new type of chemical reactor driven by renewable electricity from making hydrogen or turning carbon back into useful molecules. The technology comes out of the very own Houston Grown Rice University and was built on top of 30 years of nano-photonics research. Syzygy is commercializing a photocatalyst, a material that uses light instead of heat to facilitate chemical reactions. This photocatalyst is orders of magnitude higher performing than any other in history. Trevor
Trevor Explores:
  • How photocatalysts will remake chemical plants – 2:08
  • How experiences in O&G prepared him for leading a startup – 5:14
  • How entrepreneurs can deliberately (or not) learn to build a business – 10:55
  • Why green hydrogen is a great market – 17:25
  • What type of customers you want to pilot energy technologies with – 21:50
  • How far the Houston innovation ecosystem has come – 27:20
  • Where to find top talent in Houston – 31:17
  • His top climate technologies which will change the world – 46:22
  • How to win in scrabble — 52:43
If you are working in an energy company and are working on chemical reactions or need hydrogen or have CO2, please reach out!
Learn how Syzygy Plasmonics, a deep decarbonization company, is electrifying the chemical industry.

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