Wootz on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

Wootz is an advanced material startup based in Texas, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with carbon and nanotube supermaterials. The company is leading the charge in the energy space, exploring innovative use cases for combining conventional metals with carbon nanotubes to provide new capabilities essential for next-generation technologies and infrastructure. For example, the world’s reliance on copper for EV Motors has put a strain on the planet’s resources, but Wootz is determined to change that. By alloying copper with carbon nanotube technology, they aim to create lighter, higher-amp capacity motors that reduce the climate impact associated with copper extraction and refinement. Wootz’s capabilities extend beyond copper and EV motor applications and can be applied to a whole host of use cases.
With a proprietary process that enables Wootz to deliver bespoke, turnkey carbon nanotube formulations to end customers, the team hopes to enable the mass adoption of carbon nanotubes. Wootz is poised to make a big impact in the deep tech and climate tech space. The co-founders of Wootz bring diverse backgrounds in physics, engineering, and law to the table. Get in touch with the team by reaching out on LinkedIn or emailing info@wootznano.com. They are also frequently at Greentown Labs, The Ion, and Rice University, so feel free to say hi!
You can learn more here about the team:

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