Zimri Hinshaw on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

Zimri Hinshaw is the CEO and founder of Bucha Bio. Bucha unlocks unique creative design potential using biotechnology. Their team creates novel biomaterials by combining fermented cellulose with plant-based polymers to create products for applications instead of animal leather, polyurethane, latex, vinyl, epoxy, and so much more.

Zimri Explores:
  • What is SCOBY and what does it have to do with Bucha Bio – 1:56
  • How do novel materials get to end consumers – 6:40
  • How Bucha Bio uses branding as a strategy to bring its technology to market – 10:00
  • What it’s like to raise capital in Houston – 19:15
  • How Houston entrepreneurs founders support each other – 24:40
  • Why Houston was a top destination for Bucha Bio as it grows – 26:30
  • What it takes to be a surfing legend on the Gulf Coast – 29:30
  • Why Houston will be a biotech hub – 34:50
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Bucha Bio’s website: https://bucha.bio/

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