Zimri Hinshaw on Energy Tech Startups

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Zimri Hinshaw is the CEO and founder of Bucha Bio. Bucha unlocks unique creative design potential using biotechnology. Their team creates novel biomaterials by combining fermented cellulose with plant-based polymers to create products for applications instead of animal leather, polyurethane, latex, vinyl, epoxy, and so much more.

Zimri Explores:
  • What is SCOBY and what does it have to do with Bucha Bio – 1:56
  • How do novel materials get to end consumers – 6:40
  • How Bucha Bio uses branding as a strategy to bring its technology to market – 10:00
  • What it’s like to raise capital in Houston – 19:15
  • How Houston entrepreneurs founders support each other – 24:40
  • Why Houston was a top destination for Bucha Bio as it grows – 26:30
  • What it takes to be a surfing legend on the Gulf Coast – 29:30
  • Why Houston will be a biotech hub – 34:50
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Bucha Bio’s website: https://bucha.bio/

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