3 Tech Trends Driving Innovation in Upstream Oil & Gas

Explore the dynamics of the evolving energy landscape and oil and gas sectors amidst these transformative times, emphasizing the ongoing reliance on upstream oil and gas with Deloitte’s energy experts, Amy Chronis and Teresa Thomas.
In this Power Hour, we’ll dive into:
  • Major Trends: Discuss significant trends such as the impact of generative AI, sustainability, and emerging energy sources.
  • The Future of Oil and Gas: A forward-looking discussion on how oil and gas companies are shaping and funding the future of energy.

If you want to learn about the future of energy and how today’s tech innovations are redefining the oil and gas industry, watch now.

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Livestreaming on May 7, at 10 AM.


Amy Chronis, Former Houston Managing Partner, Former Vice Chair, US Energy & Chemicals Leader at Deloitte
Teresa Thomas, Vice Chair, US Energy & Chemicals Leader at Deloitte
Jake Corley, Co-founder at Digital Wildcatters