DW Power Hour Presents:

Break Free from the Limits of AI: Discover Causal Intelligence for Energy Predictions

During this webinar, Senslytics will tell you about the capabilities of causal AI and the unique form of causal AI that they have developed.

We will cover the following topics:

  • An overview of the unique form of causal AI developed by Senslytics, including its capabilities and how it can be used in practice.
  • The limitations of traditional AI in predicting important situations in energy systems, and how causal AI can overcome these limitations by understanding the root cause of an event.
  • The potential benefits of using causal AI for energy system predictions, including increased reliability and explainability.


Blake Bixler, CEO of Senslytics

Rabi Chakraborty, President & CTO of Senslytics

Collin McLelland, CEO of Digital Wildcatters