Rey Treviño III | Director of Operations at Pecos Country Operating

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I got behind the mic with my amigo Rey Treviño III (Director of Operations – Pecos Country Operating). 

I met Rey a few months back at a Crüe Club event, and since then we’ve become pretty good friends. From catching up at events to me being a guest on his podcast The Crude Truth. 

We chatted about how he got into the oilfield after a few years in the banking world. We discussed his experience of working in the field to learn about the industry and its importance of it. Also what it was like to be catapulted 5-6 years forward to being an operator through a series of chance events. Of course, it wouldn’t be an energy podcast if we didn’t discuss what’s going on in the world right now. Always a blast catching up with Rey, and thanks for setting up the awesome studio experience!

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