Richard Mercer | Assistant VP at Citi on Energy Crue

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It was a blast catching up with my great buddy Richard Mercer (Assistant VP – Citi) at his home in Katy, on my way to San Antonio.

Richard and I have known each other for years, and to finally sit behind the mic and catch up with him with all the changes in his life was great. We chatted about how he started off at Texas A&M University, then going into #drilling at Occidental for the majority of his career there. Then making a move to reservoir to better understand why decisions were being made the way they were. We discussed him pursuing his MBA at Rice University and pivoting his career into banking.

Of course we spoke about his involvement at Spindletop Charities and how it’s personal as he received a scholarship from them in high school/college. The work they do around the Houston community is impactful, not just in the funds donated, but in the time and effort they volunteer for the community. 

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