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Ryan Dawson – Really appreciated Ryan Dawson (Chief Corvanaut – Corva) sitting down with me yesterday at Digital Wildcatters to record an Energy Crüe Podcast.

I spoke with Ryan on my previous podcast, but due to schedules we had to cut it short, so I was glad we could once again have a conversation on where Corva is at today and how they are becoming the App Store for the Oil & Gas industry. 

We discussed the importance of technology and digital programming and how he believes that is the future of our industry. We discussed what our industry needs, and should be focusing on to transition the industry from “this is how it’s always been done” mentality to “how can we do this better”.

I always enjoy sitting with Ryan as I love hearing his conviction, drive, and vision of the future. We need minds and paradigm shifting individuals in our industry to elevate us and bring us towards the future in technology in our industry.

Really dig his ideas and his constant drive to improve our industry and how technology can and will make our operations more efficient. Check out Corva here: www.Corva.ai

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