Sallie Sargent | COO at 23rd World Petroleum Congress

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Sallie is leading the charge for the first World Petroleum Congress that will be held here in Houston for the first time in over 30 years. The last time the Congress was held in the US was in 1987! Coming out of a pandemic world, where travel has been restricted, she and her team have done a tremendous job in getting industry leaders in the same room for the upcoming conference. Industry leaders from around the globe (super majors, diplomats, NOC’s, etc) will be coming to Houston from Dec 5-9 to have conversations that we should be having. From the energy transition, the oil and gas industry, how to tell our industry’s story to the world, connecting the younger generation to the issues we are facing today, and much more.

This event will be huge! Deemed as “the Olympics” of the oilfield, as it’s held every three years, and countries must bid for their cities to host the show, we are expecting something great! Her previous role was organizing the Houston Super Bowl!

Working with industry leaders, local politicians, hospitals, universities, high schools and more; she is tasked with bringing not just our industry together but our communities to have some much needed conversations and direction.

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