Sofia Ghouse | Operations Support Officer at NASA

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Had an amazing conversation with Sofia Ghouse (Operations Support Officer (Oso)- NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration) last week for another Energy Crüe Podcast.

We chatted for about 2 hours, and could have gone on for another 2! Sofia is living a dream had by so many children growing up: sit in mission control and not only communicate with the Astronaunts on the ISS, but has the crucial role of getting supplies there as well as trouble shoot any issues that may happen. Pretty bad ass!

We discussed what got her into her passion for the final frontier, Hollywood’s mistakes when making space movies, flat earth, aliens, UFO’s, mentorship, teamwork, and much much more.

Really enjoyed hearing her experience and how she leads a team, as well as how she echoed Hank Porter, in their career advice: take the opportunities that come your way, don’t stick to a 5 year plan.

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