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About the Bullpen

The Bullpen is a no BS platform that allows innovators to display their technologies to the world while end-users can discover them with ease.


Creating efficiencies in the delivery of information and connecting bright minds together is the catalyst for disruption and innovation within industries.

Oil and Gas

 Welldatabase consolidates, normalizes, and analyzes data from hundreds of sources in oil and gas.

Novi’s AI-driven software improves economic outcomes on Oil & Gas investments.


We provide analytics and data-driven insights that empower informed decisions in real-time via mobile and web.

SubsurfaceIO connects to all your data sources, allowing you to accelerate

The largest online property rights exchange. RealX connects buyers and sellers from search to close.

Simply ask and get answers 

to questions regarding competitive benchmarking, market intelligence and more

Enterprise land records‍ and workflow management software. 

Accurate ownership and faster acquisition at your fingertips. Tracts helps find more owners and acquire more land.

OVS Group is dedicated to optimizing assets through their configurable software framework, One Virtual Source.

Intelligently connecting the field to the office, Cleargistix is a digital ticketing solution.

Trivie is a communication and training application that automates retention, and reduces training costs.

ENGAGE is a digital field management platform that is changing the way O&G companies interact with service providers.

The probabilistic estimate of reservoir inflow performance.

Warm Commerce is a SaaS platform that enables industrial companies to instantly find, qualify, connect with, and work with suppliers and customers.


Workflow happiness in a sales app. 

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