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What's the next step to the industry's low-carbon future?

The oil and gas industry is at a crossroads. New regulations, global commitments and technological advances require new ways of thinking about energy and what it takes to produce it. ZERO is a two-day streaming event, happening on June 1-2, designed to enable you to come together with peers, learn from industry leaders and develop solutions for achieving net zero emissions in the oil and gas industry.



Featured Stories

Learn the steps these companies are taking towards a low carbon future.

For over 50 years, Nabors has been known as the top driller in the United States. Even before energy transition was at the forefront of every conversation, Nabors was aggressively reducing emissions at the wellsite, because it’s the right way to do business. Learn about the many ways they are investing in more efficient, less carbon-intensive technologies to continue helping customers meet the world’s energy demands.


“We’re not the same Nabors - We’re a technology company - not just a driller.”

Anyone in oil and gas knows we have a lot of data. But the problem is data is useless without the proper tools and management — and that goes for emissions tracking too. Datagration is actively partnering with E&Ps to help solve the problem. Hear from Datagration CEO, client Contango, and investors EIV Capital talk about ESG accountability and the realities of digital transformation today.

To be successful today, E&P companies need to have: The Right Data Strategy. The Right People. The Right Technology.


Tony Petrello, Nabors
Patti Melcher, EIV Capital
Peter Bernard, Datagration
Jennifer Stewart, Equitable Origin
Deanna Zhang, EtechMonkey
Ryan Keys, Triple Crown Resources
Caroline Dunn, Project Canary
Marcella Burke, Eversheds Sutherland
Todd Bush, Decarbonfuse
Moji Karimi, Cemvita Factory, Inc.
Clint Ford, Nabors
Arvind Ravikumar, UT Austin
Michelle Muse, Nabors
Bear Givhan, Earthview
Jamie Elrod, Baker Hughes
Chuck Yates, Digital Wildcatters
Paul Khuri, SeekOps
Tim Tarpley, EWTC
Addison Holmes, Pickering Energy Partners
Kevin Juno, Vitol
Priya Ravindranath, Air Liquide
Lindsay Wied, Validere
Keila Hand, Quantum
George Jackson, Life Cycle Power
Mike Taylor, AEGIS Hedging
Josh Shapiro, US Well Services
Scott McCurdy, Encino Environmental Services
Joe Etheridge, Encino Environmental Services
Jason Roe, EcoVapor
Jeff Wilson, EcoVapor

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