Event Sponsorships

events that aren't boring.

Change the narrative with us - live.

We take a different approach to events, no stuffy conference center, no suits, just real people having real conversations.

We foster a collaborative environment that unites all sectors of the industry. Together we are solving the world's energy problems.

Empower: Energizing Bitcoin

Empower is the only bitcoin mining event with a focus on energy — bringing together energy, mining, finance, and other professionals in the city that powers the world. We shut down multiple streets in Houston for an iconic two-day event based at 8th Wonder Brewery, where attendees will get to learn and network with energy producers, capital groups, miners, and other builders in the space.

Sponsorship Investment: $5k-$50k.

Fuze: Igniting Energy Tech

The various sub-sectors of Energy are all working towards the same problems, but not working together…until now. Fuze is the place where the world’s best and brightest minds in energy can assemble to discuss, collaborate, and develop solutions to power the world of tomorrow. We’re bridging the gap between traditional and new energies.

Sponsorship Investment: $5k-$50k.

Energy Tech Night

Each Energy Tech Night offers insights from energy tech experts and rapid-fire pitches from the cutting edge in startups offering solutions for the energy challenges of today and tomorrow.

2023 Schedule:

  • Energy Tech Night VIII – February 9th – Houston
  • Energy Tech Night IX – April 5th – Denver
  • Energy Tech Night X – June 8th – Midland
  • Energy Tech Night XI – August 10th – Oklahoma City

Average Attendance: 250-350 people

Sponsorship Investment: $2K-30K.

Community meetups

Community is the heartbeat of Digital Wildcatters. Our meetups are free to attend and happen every month.

  • Wildcatter Women’s Wine Night
  • Community Happy Hours

Average Attendance: 20-100 people

Sponsorship Investment: $500-$3000.

Economic Impact

One of the major benefits of hosting our events outside of traditional convention centers is the economic impact we have on local businesses in Houston.

Fuze 22:

  • $200k+ paid to local bars/breweries
  • $150k paid to local small businesses for tents and AV
  • $65k paid to police officers working side gigs
  • We used local signage companies, staffing/contractors, food trucks, caterers, etc.

In 2022 alone, our events have injected 1.3 million directly into local small businesses. This also doesn’t take into account the second-order effects of hotels, Airbnbs, restaurants, etc.

We have a lot of love for H-town and everyone who calls our city home. We hope to have an even bigger impact in the future.