Wildcatter Studios


What WE offer.

Create on-brand video experiences that connect with leads and inspire customers to become evangelists. Harness our creativity and design to make it easier than ever to produce branded video content.

Whether you're expanding your brand, educating on new products, or facilitating customer retention, our team knows how to create content that converts.

We also help create content that can attract the best talent, or raise the public perception of your brand.

No matter your content needs — we are here to help.

Short-form content

Short form is the most successful for use on social media. This style of content helps companies by gaining a virtual audience all around the world. With millions of hours of content consumed daily, videos have to be attention grabbing and get the point across quickly. We help you create captivating content that grabs your audiences attention while being on brand for your business.

Branded Series

Kick start your short form video strategy with a branded series. This can include tech demos, informative talking head, people being lively (day-to-day), comedic relief (skit), interviews, etc.

Animated Series

A captivating way to display information about your products or industry. 

Tech Promo

We will come out to your location and film a “tour” of your equipment. We’ll edit and post the video on our social medias, and provide it to you to post as well. 


@digitalwildcatters How we drill for oil that is thousands of meters below the ocean #oilandgas #energy101 #deepwaterdrilling ♬ original sound - Digital Wildcatters
@fracslap 4,000 horsepower electric frac pump will change the future of fracking in oil and gas and geothermal. Has anyone seen this out in the oilfield yet? #oilfield #frac #oilfieldlife #oilfeild ♬ Instrumental Hip Hop - Avant_Beats

Long-form content

Videos lasting more than a few minutes in length have many benefits for businesses. It’s exceptional for building relationships. Longer-form videos allow you to establish a personality and forge a bond with your viewers. Long form content is often the content you find on Youtube, Vimeo, or TV. 

Educational Series

We understand how difficult the process of creating videos can be. We have the vision, understanding, and creativity to help companies expand their brand, educate on new products, or inspire customers to become super-fans—educational series is the perfect route to go.

We can create either an educational series, such as Wildcatter History, or one-off video essays like The Rise and Fall of Oxy.


Everyone has a unique story behind them, let us be the ones to tell it. From discovery to delivery, we handle all parts of the production that fit your needs. 

Ir and PR content

Investor Relations

There’s a new way IR decks should be consumed, that’s where we come in. Let us take your deck, make it digestible and engaging to broaden your reach by capturing attention on social media. 

Public Relations Video Campaign

We understand that a company goes through different seasons, each one encompassing a different idea. We help turn that vision to a reality by full production processes. 

Start telling your brand's story.