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Day 1

June 1st, 2022 9AM

9:05 AM CST

State of the Industry by Cully Cavness

Cully Cavness, Crusoe

9:40 AM CST

A Better Way: How Nabors is Reducing Emissions at the Wellsite

For over 50 years, Nabors has been known as the top driller in the United States. Even before energy transition was at the forefront of every conversation, Nabors was aggressively reducing emissions at the wellsite, because it’s the right way to do business. Learn about the many ways they are investing in more efficient, less carbon-intensive technologies to continue helping customers meet the world’s energy demands. Hess Corporation joins the conversation too, telling the story of their close technology relationship with Nabors.

Tony Petrello, Nabors
Clint Ford, Nabors
Michelle Muse, Nabors

10:05 AM CST

Emissions Monitoring

Tracking and reporting on emissions helps increase transparency to the public, keeps efficiency high, and lowers unnecessary energy costs. It also increases knowledge of energy use because you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Jamie Elrod, Baker Hughes
Paul Khuri, SeekOps
Arvind Ravikumar, UT Austin

10:45 AM CST

Interview with Kevin Hobbie, CEO of Infinity Consortium

Kevin Hobbie, Infinity Consortium

11:05 AM CST

Disrupting the Continuous Monitoring Space with Earthview

Not all heroes wear capes… but most use Earthview! Founded by scientists, engineers and aviators, Earthview is your partner for precision air quality monitoring solutions. Using innovative technology, EarthViews BluBird Continuous Environmental Monitoring System uses advanced sensors that send data to our cloud-based monitoring platform for visual analysis of methane, VOCs and other emissions events at the production site or facility. Join us on the journey to net zero.

Bear Givhan, Earthview

11:15 AM CST

Create Pathways to Zero with EcoVapor

EcoVapor is dedicated to helping vital industries improve their environmental and financial sustainability with innovative technology.  Our purpose is simple, to eliminate the waste of valuable energy sources.

Our solutions help eliminate routine flaring, minimize emissions, and purify natural gas streams to maximize the productivity of oil and gas facilities, Renewable Natural Gas operations, and more.

11:30 AM CST

Fueling the Future with Hydrogen

Hydrogen can be a major key to enabling a decarbonized energy system. This versatile zero-carbon carrier can reduce emissions across power, transportation, and industrial sectors at scale. Listen as leaders in the oil and gas space discuss their hydrogen efforts.

Moji Karimi, Cemvita

12:05 PM CST

The Power Of Natural Gas: How It's Helping Create A Cleaner Environment

What is certified natural gas? Does it reduce emissions, or is it a hoax? Are the emissions worth the investment? This panel will take a deep dive into how natural gas companies are lowering emissions.

Ryan Keys, Triple Crown Resources
Caroline Dunn, Project Canary
Jennifer Stewart, Equitable Orgin
Lindsay Wied, Validere

Day 2

June 2nd, 2022 9AM

9:05 AM CST

CCUS: Is Carbon Capture a sustainable path towards a lower carbon industry?

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technologies are playing a huge role developing a lower carbon future. Leading experts will discuss the latest advances in new technology for capturing, storing, and transporting carbon dioxide and unique ways to use CO2 to produce net-zero fuels.

Todd Bush, Decarbonfuse
Priya Ravindranath, Air Liquide
Kevin Juno, Vitol

9:40 AM CST

Meet Datagration, The Company Helping E&Ps Embrace Digital Transformation

Anyone in oil and gas knows we have a lot of data. But the problem is data is useless without the proper tools and management — and that goes for emissions tracking too. Datagration is actively partnering with E&Ps to help solve the problem. Hear from Datagration CEO, client Contango, and investors EIV Capital talk about ESG accountability and the realities of digital transformation today.

Peter Bernard, Datagration
Patti Melcher, EIV Captial

10:15 AM CST

Electrification of E&P Operations: Cutting Costs and Reducing Carbon

E&P’s are not abandoning the business by shifting to a low carbon future. Rather, they operate more efficiently while measuring, reporting, and minimizing their environmental impact. Learn how electrification significantly reduces lease operating expenses as well as greenhouse gas emissions from well sites.

10:50 AM CST

The Art of Public Perception with Davies Public Affairs

Davies has turned public affairs into an art. We provide thoughtful strategies, compelling messages, and precise tactical execution to overcome controversy, accelerate permitting and resolve crises.

John Davies, Davies Public Affairs

11:10 AM CST

Ensure Net Zero Progress and Performance with Encino

Encino specializes in emissions performance testing (all criteria and GHG pollutants), LDAR leak detection and repair, CEMS continuous emissions monitoring systems, high-resolution satellite methane detection, and advanced environmental data software for the measurement and minimization of emissions to help ensure regulatory compliance and meeting ESG strategies and objectives.

11:25 AM CST

Regulating Methane Emissions: How oil and gas can anticipate and adapt to new environmental regulations

What new regulations will be forced on oil and gas companies? The political landscape is in question now more than ever – what can E&Ps expect to see in the next few years?

Marcella Burke, King & Spalding
Tim Tarpley, EWTC

12:00 PM CST

How ESG Metrics Influence Capital Availability and Valuation Multiples

How do firms view ESG metrics? What kind of monitoring requirements do they have? What do leading experts see in the public markets regarding ESG? Chuck Yates will be moderating this discussion about influencing capital using ESG metrics.

Addison Holmes, Pickering Energy Partners
Deanna Zhang, Etech Monkey
Patti Melcher, EIV Capital

12:35 PM CST

An Investor's Perspective with Keila Hand, Managing Director and Head of ESG at Quantum

Keila Hand, Quantum
Chuck Yates, Digital Wildcatters

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